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¡Ciertmente un golpe de Aikido puede matar!

True Aiki


Back Bow

Okay, think about this . . .

You know how opening and closing two appendages equally creates a central axis point in each appendage? Remember how, when combined with Aiki 1, rotation around this central axis point creates Aiki 2?

KGB4W All sides of the rhombus are rotating around their own central axis as they open and close.  Ignore the cursor, it is just activating the change.

2000px-Takeda_mon_svg.jpg Four appendages four rhombuses opening and closing in concert.

Imagine multiplying that 24 times!

That’s a lot of Aiki 2 baby! Well, if, like the appendages, one opens and closes  the spine appropriately one can do just that!

Obviously there are healthy limits to the range of motion of the spine. Our spinal cord lives in there after all! But most of us do not come anywhere near working to our healthy range of motion, nor do most folks develop the…

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